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Sonal Holland, Master of Wine

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Advance your wine career with a powerful qualification that provides a detailed understanding of how wine is made and helps strengthen your wine knowledge and skills.

Build your know-how of grape growing, wine-making, characteristics of different grape varieties, and how to taste wine in a systematic manner with the Master of Wine as she shares with you, important processes, special tips, and key facets that will enable you to understand and talk about wine confidently.

Advanced Wine Pro 
at Sonal Holland Wine Academy

The Advanced Wine Pro is a comprehensive and expert-level online wine course. This extensive course is designed for wine professionals and students who are keen to advance their wine careers, students who wish to sharpen their wine knowledge and enthusiasts who wish to learn to taste and discover wine, systematically. 

The course is designed and delivered by Sonal Holland, India’s only Master of Wine and the most qualified wine professional in the country.

The online course offers participants the flexibility to learn about wine at their own convenience and pace.

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You will gain knowledge about

  • Anatomy of a vine plant and vineyard cycle
  • Natural factors in the vineyard and how they influence the vine’s ability to produce grapes
  • Wine-making options and how they influence the style of a wine
  • What is wine made of
  • Different approaches to grape growing and wine-making
  • 30 must-know grape varieties and the key regions they are grown in
  • Classic food and wine pairing
  • Decoding important wine label terms
  • Understanding Sparkling and Fortified Wine
  • How to taste wine like a pros

Who is this course for?

  • Food and beverage professionals
  • Aspiring sommeliers and wine professionals
  • Bartenders and mixologists who are keen to specialise in wine
  • Winemakers and winery staff
  • Marketers and sales resources working in wine companies
  • Culinary chefs and aspiring chefs
  • Hospitality management and culinary college students
  • Wine enthusiasts and curious consumers
  • Airline crew
  • Cruise line service staff
  • Entrepreneurs, owners, and managers in the alcobev industry

Course Curriculum

  • Welcome by Sonal Holland, Master of Wine
  • Module 1: Understanding Vine Plant
  • Module 2: Annual Vineyard Cycle
  • Module 3: Natural Growing Environment of a Vine Plant 
  • Module 4: Vineyard Management
  • Module 5: Harvest
  • Module 6: Constituents of a Wine
  • Module 7: Art and Science of Wine-making
  • Module 8: White Grape Varieties
  • Module 9: Black Grape Varieties
  • Module 10: Labelling Terms
  • Module 11: Sparkling Wine
  • Module 12: Fortified Wine
  • Module 13: How to taste wine like a pro
  • Advanced Wine Pro Infographics (Downloadable)

How the Course benefits you

  • Flexibility & convenience of time and space
  • Gold-standard certification
  • Access to expertise & world-class curriculum, comparable to any other globally recognised qualification
  • Enjoyment and confidence in buying, drinking and talking wine
  • Best costs
  • Credibility & career advancement opportunities
  • Relevant and industry-focused curriculum


What's included in the Course

  • 13 online modules taught by Sonal Holland, Master of Wine
  • Sonal Holland’s take on how knowledge is to be applied to real-life
  • Complete Video-based curriculum
  • Pro-tips from the Master of Wine
  • Self-paced course with access for 90 days and unlimited views
  • Online evaluation quiz after each module for your own assessment of learning
  • Course Completion Certificate from Sonal Holland Wine Academy
  • Downloadable study material with key infographics to assist learning

Gain Advantage from the Master of Wine's Expertise

Sonal Holland is the first and only Indian to be conferred the ‘Master of Wine’ (MW) – the most respected title in the industry representing the highest standards of professional knowledge in the world.

Through the span of her professional career, Sonal has tasted tens of thousands of wines, travelled across the globe to possibly every wine region, visited hundreds of wineries, spent time with legendary winemakers to hone her knowledge, and in turn, has mentored hundreds of aspirants and professionals to launch their wine careers in the Indian industry. 

Sonal Holland Wine Academy was born out of a need for accessing world-class knowledge with a vision to setting the gold-standard for wine and beverage education in the country. Since its inception in 2009, everyone from novices to oenophiles, students to professionals have benefitted from Sonal’s unrivalled prowess and experience in this domain. Her compelling educational style combined with a cheerful demeanour and easy-to-understand instructions make even the most seemingly daunting subject of wine, accessible and enjoyable.

Sonal is the finest educator there is. She also consults on wine with entrepreneurial ventures across wine retail, imports and events. Her distinguished career has earned her several accolades, including being featured in the list of Top 50 Most Powerful Women and Top 100 Most Influential People in Indian luxury. Sonal is widely celebrated as the Top Wine Personality in India by several eminent media publications and business houses. 

Sonal’s TEDx talk chronicles her journey from a conventional job at a Fortune 500 company to becoming 'one in a billion' as India’s leading wine voice. Her story is an inspiration to many who are seeking the courage to step out, own their dreams, act upon their ideas and achieve incredible things. 

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   INR 8995  (inclusive of taxes)

Frequently asked questions

The program is designed for intermediate to advance level hospitality professionals, students and enthusiasts. It is suitable for anyone above the legal drinking age. The course will enhance your knowledge as a wine professional and will deepen your understanding of wine.

The program is structured in such a way to supplement practical knowledge through essential theory that a professional sommelier needs to know. This course will complement and sharpen your on-the-job skills, whilst enhancing your opportunities to further your career.

The course is designed by Sonal Holland Master of Wine, India’s most qualified wine professional and the country’s leading wine educator. It combines a global wine curriculum with the context and insights Indian wine professionals and enthusiasts require. The course has immense value for all – professionals and consumers who enjoy drinking wine.

Upon enrolment, the course including video presentation are made available to you for viewing. Please watch the video modules and learn the content.

1. Click on the Enrol Now button

2. Fill in the details at the Sign-up Page (Name, email id, password)

3. Complete the payment using any payment method – credit/ debit card, netbanking, digital wallets or UPI

4. Get instant access to the course videos and content

All courses in the Academy are available with a lifetime from the date of course purchase. You are welcome to the videos as many times as you like to master the learning.

You can start anytime you want and with a 90 days course access. You can watch the course as many times as you like during that period.

If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us for a refund within the next 48 hours and we will be happy to refund 100% of the purchase price

We are available on email to guide you for any technical difficulties you might encounter.

Then this course is perfect for you! Many enthusiasts have turned professionals, including Sonal, as they studied wine in depth. A majority of enthusiasts who have studied wine with us have multiplied their enjoyment and understanding of wine many times over.

Once the course fees have been processed, you will receive via email access to the course modules. You can then login in with your student id and password and learn at a pace comfortable to you. You will also receive a free downloadable workbook where you can take notes as you learn.

Upon successful completion of the evaluation test, you will be eligible for a certificate of completion from Sonal Holland Wine Academy. A soft copy of the certificate can be downloaded from the website upon completion of the course.

The course allows you to gain theoretical and practical knowledge of wines. However, we strongly recommend you to apply this knowledge by sampling a wide variety of wines, especially the ones that you have learnt on the course. Whilst you are not required to taste while on the course, you may use every opportunity thereafter to taste and learn, some of which would be enabled through our events, held across the country.

The fees are non- refundable and non-transferable. The course is valid for lifetime, and you may choose to access the content at a time convenient to you.