60 Minute Wine Pro Masterclass by 

Sonal Holland MW

in association with July 6 2022 at Bengaluru

Fees: INR 950/- inclusive of taxes


Launch yourself as a wine expert at the 2022 Brews n Spirits Expo, Bengaluru with Sonal Holland MW

This Masterclass will give you a deep dive into the fundamentals of wine where you'll be able to build a strong understanding of what wine is, how to taste wine, must-know grape varieties, how to serve wine, and much more. This Masterclass is a stepping stone for those who want to start their journey in the wine world. 

You will gain knowledge about

  • What is wine, how wine is made and where wine comes from
  • Principle grape varieties and the different styles of wine
  • How to taste wine 
  • Serving wine with confidence
  • Tasting of 5 Indian wines from top producers

Are you ready to become a wine pro?