Importance Of WSET Certification In Wine Industry

Hospitality and retail professionals in India are increasingly signing up for WSET certification to have good career prospects. We are now seeing a demand for professionals with wine knowledge in every sector of the Indian wine industry. As the market expands in every possible way, with the import of wines going up and more wineries opening in India, the industry wants people who can ensure that this momentum increases further.

Social media, foreign travel, aspirational lifestyle, and increasing awareness about health and wellness- these factors are shaping the wine culture among consumers in India. Alcohol consumption among youngsters is not about inebriation but about creating wonderful experiences. Due to wine’s perceived health benefits and its softer image, wine blends wonderfully with the young Indians’ lifestyle. But when the consumers are so well informed, curious and enthusiastic, the industry has to put in a lot of effort to ensure that their interest in wine doesn’t die down. For this, it needs qualified professionals who are willing to build the industry in a way that can fulfil the demands of its changing consumer profile.

What is WSET Certification?

All across the world, wine professionals complete courses from Wine & Spirits Education Trust to improve their career prospects. WSET is an awarding body that develops and delivers qualifications and courses in wines, sake and spirits. The trust was established in 1969 for the UK wine trade, but it has since grown to become the global leader in wine and spirits education.

WSET provides certifications in wine for beginner, intermediate, advanced and expert level. It has a vast network of over 800 Approved Programme Providers around 70 countries and its online and classroom delivery courses are available in 15 languages.

Due to its commitment to provide wine education of the highest standard to all students, novices and experts alike, WSET is a trustworthy name in the worldwide wine industry. An Indian student with a WSET certification from Mumbai will get the same level of recognition for their skills and knowledge as would a professional with the same accreditations from the UK, Germany, Australia or any one of the 70 countries.

Why is WSET Certification so important

Helps improve customer service: 

A WSET certification provides professionals with a skill set that helps them communicate better with consumers and improve their table-side service. With a more advanced-level accreditation, professionals also gain skills that help them curate better wine programs and refine winemaking techniques.

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Forges industry network: 

WSET classroom learning programs can also be your chance to develop your professional network. The wine industry is relatively smaller and closer knit, as compared to other industries. WSET courses bring people working in different sectors like hospitality, retail, winemaking, education, wine writing etc., under the same roof. It creates new channels of communication that can play a significant role in expanding business, providing work opportunities and forging collaborations.

Global recognition of skills:

 Today, the wine skills of professionals with WSET certifications from a country like India, where wine is not an indigenous beverage, are recognised globally.  This opens a world of opportunities for our workforce and improves our standing as a wine-consuming and producing industry that is no longer nascent, but a rapidly growing one.

Educated consumers: 

According to a report by WSET, taking “interested consumers” and teaching them for at least one day – eight hours equivalent – moves their average spend in the off-trade by more than 12 percent. The report further stated that educating consumers not only drives them up the price curve, but this effect only increases as they learn more. Wine education gives consumers the confidence to explore wider styles of wine and to drink wine dedicatedly and more frequently, creating a loyal consumer base for the industry.

Sonal Holland Wine Academy is a leading WSET course provider in India, where students can choose for classroom learning or online classes, based on their convenience. We are committed to working closely with the wine industry to cultivate a workforce of educated, confident and talented professionals. If you want employees in your organisation to gain the benefits of wine education, write to us at [email protected].

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