For any avid wine lover, having a good wine opener at home is key. There are many different wine openers out there, some that are super easy to use, and some that are slightly more complicated than the others.

From the classic waiter’s friend to an electric wine opener, here are 6 wine openers you should know about. 

1. The waiter's friend

This is the standard corkscrew, also known as the waiter’s friend. You will most likely see sommeliers at restaurants have one of these with them all the time. 

2. Wing Corkscrew

The wing corkscrew, also known as the butterfly corkscrew, is one you’ll find at most people’s homes. It’s super easy to use, especially for those who are just starting out in the world of wine and might struggle using the waiter’s friend. All you need to do is screw the metal worm into the cork and then push both wings down to pop the cork out. 

3. The Ah-So

The Ah-So is mostly used for wines of older vintages. This is mainly because over time, the cork starts to degrade and become weaker; so if you uncork your bottle with a regular wine opener, the chances of the cork crumbling are higher. The Ah-So is used so that the cork comes out of the bottle without crumbling. To use the Ah-So, work in the two prongs between the cork and the bottle. Once it’s all the way in, twist and pull to bring the cork out. 

4. Electric Wine Opener

An electric wine opener is probably the easiest way to open a bottle of wine. It’s a great tool for beginners, and for those who don’t want to spend the time and effort in using a manual wine opener. Just make sure to keep your electric wine opener charged so it’s ready for you to use at any point. 

5. Air Pressure Pump Opener

The air pressure pump opener, attesting to its name, uses air pressure to push the cork out from the bottle. All you have to do is insert the needle through the cork and keep pumping until the cork is out of the bottle. 

6. Twist and Pull corkscrew

In today’s age, this one is not as popular as it requires more effort than most of the other openers we’ve spoken about. However, it is quite a traditional tool. To use this tool, you need to screw the worm into the cork and apply pressure to pull it out. 

Originally published August 9, 2022

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